Space Diner
Flynn Flanders
"Flynn is a free-spirit and an expert at thinking on her feet, which has a habit of getting her in trouble. Luckily for her, Rockland is there to catch her when she falls."

Character created for personal showcase project "Leap of Faith"
"Rockland is the last rock warrior of his kind. Now more a worrier than a warrior, he acts as Flynn Flanders' guardian, beleaguered by her hyperactive nature."

Character created for personal showcase project "Leap of Faith"
Shots from 'Leap of Faith'
Test renders of the setting and character shots from 'Leap of Faith'
CTRLX Products
Eyeball Character
Heffridge Barnum
Heffridge Barnum claims himself to be a 'humble self-made elephant with the greatest circus in the world' - the only truthful part of this is that he's an elephant, and that is pushing it sometimes. He's a gambler, a swindler and a cad, and will do anything for profit. Deep down, he has a heart of gold, one of which he is still trying to find the monetary value of. (2017)
Rafael the Traffic Light
Quick low-poly character created as an entry for a character design competition based around creating a character out of an inanimate object. (2018)

Click the link below for a turntable of the character model:
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